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🔥Fan the Flame –Day 5🔥 Rebuilding of the Altar

Being altered at the altar…

I was looking forward to write about this in day 5… I did a study a while ago about the sacrifices / offerings found in Leviticus chapter 1 to 7… it led to deep searching about obedience, sacrifice and surrender… the blog post is in progress and I can’t wait to share it. I will just touch a bit of it here, and will share the detail of each in a separate post when the time is right.

There are 5 main offerings that God gave Moses in Leviticus; Burnt Offering; Meal Offering; Peace Offering; Sin Offering; and Trespass Offering. And Jesus’ life, death and resurrection fulfilled all of them.
Not all the offerings were (and are) mandatory, some were voluntary… as much as all of it not being mandatory; in my eyes and understanding, it is all necessary to experience God in His fullness and majesty.

Every offer had its own process, elements, reason and purpose… BUT the one significant resemblance of all these offerings were the ALTAR… THE HOLY HOLY ALTAR. Jesus Himself said that the altar sanctifies the offering (Matt 23:18-21).

In Genesis it was recorded on four occasions that Abraham built an Altar to God (Genesis 12:7; Genesis 12:8; Genesis 13:18; Genesis 22:9-10), no mention are made of what was offered on these Altars, except for the ram that took Isaac’s place, this was also the only INSTRUCTED (Mandatory) Altar that was built by Abraham.
Another significance in Abraham’s offerings on the altars were that God met him at each; Abraham built it because God met with him, or because he called upon God. The Altar is a place of encounter, a place of meeting God… whether you are being called to the altar, or you call on God at the altar, God shows up, without fail.

The altar is a place where God brings His fire; change and cleansing takes place (Leviticus 9:23-24), Things cannot not change in the presence of the Almighty, wherever He brings His Spirit is liberty, freedom and emancipation from bondage (2 Corinthians 3:16-18).

The Altar is a state; a spiritual, emotional and mental state… it is a place of obedience, which turns into a place of sacrifice and eventually leads to a state of surrender… and at the point of total and full surrender is where God’s majesty will be manifested.

‘ I APPEAL to you therefore, and beg of you in view of all the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies, presenting all your members and faculties as a living sacrifice; holy, devoted, consecrated and well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable, rational and intelligent service and spiritual worship.
Romans 12:1

Rebuild it!!! He will meet you at your obedience, He will respond to your sacrifice, you will be transformed in your surrender.

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These are truly awesome messages and everyone so to and what we are required to do in order to honour our most Faithful and loving God and His Son The one and only Jesus Christ and only through Him will we see eternity 🙏🙏🙏

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