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Godly conversations lead to Godly Revelations

I met a friend last year August (2020) at a small church I started attending in the middle of the lockdown, most churches were still closed. We had quite a few underground secret church services, hungry people, seeking God’s face. Can you believe we had to attend church in secret…? Some countries probably still do… Probably always have… sooooo sad, but if you are hungry, you will do anything to meet God.

Slowly but surely the group got smaller and smaller. The founding Pastor of the church decided to stand back for a while, and since then the people stopped coming. But it never stopped us from having our weekly sessions, we were there for Jesus, nothing or no one else. Sometimes we would pray in the mornings at the church, other times meet 3 times a week at night. A lot of times it is only this same friend and I.
At first, we planned things we would like to share, I took some of my blog posts and we had a discussion around it. Eventually we stopped preparing, and just allow the Holy Spirit to lead the conversation and prayer. Some nights we will be in silence, awe and tears of God’s presence and Glory, other nights we will do bible study together, praying together on every occasion, and every single time, without fail, God shows up… We are still meeting every Tuesday night, enjoying God’s presence and peace.

Since February we had powerful revival services on Saturday nights at the church, led by a Spirit filled Prophet.

My bond with this friend grows stronger and stronger, to a point that I can call him a brother. He knows my testimony in detail, to such an extent that he sometimes need to correct my humbleness in my testimony, which is still in progress though.
I know the depth of his heart’s desires and God’s promises of completeness, and stand in agreement and prayer.

During the course of the past 10 months, we grew together in Christ, a bond formed by the Holy Spirit’s touch. We are on different journeys, but in the same direction… heading north from different locations, and we are supporting each other as we are growing into completeness, alongside the Holy Spirit.

Many late nights and a whole lot of coffee, having Godly conversations, leading to Godly revelations. How our eyes water up when that penny drops, the penny of revelation… “Wow; Wow; Wow… stop right there…let me gather my thoughts for a second” … and then it comes, the Holy Spirit opens our hearts and eyes of understanding, sharing more and more of God’s sovereignty and mysteries.
And amazingly, 99% of the time, when we attend church or watch an online sermon, the message will be inline with what God spoke to us about the week prior… 🤯🤯🤯 we will then just sit and grin, nodding our heads in agreement… Thank you Holy Spirit, we are in awe of your great presence.

It is soooo important to have a “Got-your-Back” buddy. You NEED to have Godly conversations; it is an absolute must. God speaks all the time, in signs and signals, in our day to day lives, outside of our devoted time, outside of church; if you are going to wait till Sunday morning to get a message you will not grow, you need to feed daily; if you are going to wait to get a revelation from a YouTube sermon it will not be implemented and made part of you.

SELF-REVEALTION is, in my eyes, the most effective way to implement and make the true Gospel part of your being; and this gets fed by Godly conversations. Conversations where you speak your thoughts out loud, conversations that make you hear and listen to what you are saying, voicing the Holy Spirit’s voice in your day-to-day journey, and then the penny drops… every single time, without fail.
If you noticed something during the day and start talking to someone about it, it will open your eyes and heart of understanding… TRY IT!!!… I am fully confident you will have guaranteed results, if not… contact me, and let’s get talking, and have Godly conversations.

Pay attention, be attentive… God is always around, always talking… ALWAYS, trying to get your attention; give your attention to Him, before “circumstances” force you to His throne, to the altar.

Some food for thought… Read Proverbs 8; “WISDOM knocking on the doors of the sons of man, standing at the gate, calling us…” I shared this same chapter with my Brother in Christ, it is definitely worth a “Godly Conversation” which WILL lead to “Godly Revelation”, there is treasures hidden in this chapter, can’t wait to discuss it and be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

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