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Value It

2 sermons I attended the past weekend had a similar “statement” of “Know what you ask for”… the first was on Saturday night… “More of You, Jesus” followed by “Do you understand the process to this request?”
And the second was Sunday night… “Use me!!!” followed by “Be sure of what you ask for.”

Approximately 2 years ago, I found myself on my knees in Saudi Arabia, tears running down my face… “Father, I surrender my all.” I can remember that night very well, it was a significant start to my journey, but didn’t know what exactly I said… what exactly does this mean.
Soon after this the Holy Spirit, very subtly, started opening up to what this mean… at the time I didn’t realize what He tried to teach me, flipping through my notes of then make me think totally differently of this statement. It is a process, and doesn’t happen at a flick of a finger; and not always a pleasant process… things need to be removed, cleansed, forgiven… thinking and thought patterns need to be renewed, you need to stand willing to transformation, and the process it takes.

I had a discussion with a friend one day, crying my heart out in regard to God’s promise of “Restoration”… “But God promised Restoration, why is this happening to me?” He replied with “Define restoration and put it into context of your circumstances.”

I don’t think we will EVER know what it took of Jesus; we can try and comprehend the ordeal of the Cross in physical pain, but we WILL NEVER understand the emotional strain it took of Jesus, Luke 22:44 tells us that He was in agony, blood dripping from His forehead as He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane;  “Father, if You are willing, remove this cup from Me; yet not My will, but always Yours be done.” He knew the request and the process the “request” would take, more importantly; He knew what the following few days would mean for eternity, He had the “definition” of RESTORATION in the context of His circumstances and He SURRENDERED to it. 😥😥😥
I am saying it with all humbleness and humility, not down playing His offering, but rather praising Him for His obedience, to the point of total surrender. “Not My Will, but Yours”; “and He gave up His Spirit.”

Know what you ask for… Define it…
I am not saying we should not say “More of You Jesus” but know what it took of Jesus to be crowned as the King of Glory, it was not an easy journey.

Define your Promises… my Restoration did not mean what I wanted it to mean, at that point in time. Restoration will always start with your relationship with God, the rest can wait… and then when He has your attention and He is the center of your ALL things will start falling into place…
I am so excited for the “New” He has started in me… I appreciate what the tribulations took… I am standing in awe of His greatness and glory…

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