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Be True to Yourself

God has been busy with me for quite a long time about my TRUE identity in Christ. And I think most of us are on the same journey, a journey we will be on until we meet Jesus face to face.

Around a year ago I was praying with a brother in Christ, and God laid it hard on our hearts to seek, truly and earnestly seek our TRUE identity in Christ. I have been on a journey to find myself, myself as intended by God. The true me… I am, and you are, created in His likeness, in His image… and on the sixth day He said… “It is GOOD.” Everything in us is good, even our carnal nature was meant for good from the beginning of our time, but perverted by deception and pride.

I turned 41 in April, and I can truly say, for the first 40 years of my short-lived life on this planet, I did not know “Me”. I thought I knew “Me”, and the thought we have of “me knowing me” gets distorted; living a pretentious life… this then creates an ideal of who we want to be and what we want to be portrayed as to the onlookers of our “fish bowl” life, and before we find ourself, the “you” are changed and distracted from the purpose, the purpose of authority and dominion, the purpose of being fruitful and multiply, the intention to multiply in the likeness of the Creator of Heaven and Earth… but we are living a self-pleasing life, which caused the fall of man in the first place… we then multiply far off from what we are intended to…

Something I was taught early on in my work career, and I still practise it…
Have an IDEAL vision of where you want to be, put a peg in the ground of where you are, and plan on the deficit to close the gap between the ideal and reality.
Ideal – Reality = Deficit… this is where your focus need to be, the deduction of this calculation.

I am implementing this in my journey in my TRUE IDENTITY in Christ. And it starts with Being True to yourself, putting the peg in the ground will reveal the deficit between who you are and who you are meant to be… work on the deduction. Not being true to yourself will mislead you, and you will be wandering in the desert for years and not make any progress.

Being true to yourself, and getting to know who God is, trying to grasp the depth of the Father’s heart… the combination of being honest with yourself and getting to know who God is will soon, and very soon, get you to the realization that you are NOTHING without GOD and that you are placed on this earth to live a life of praise, which is pleasing to Him.

Your life will change the day you realize it is not about you, transformation can begin; and things will change for the better…it doesn’t have a choice, IT CANNOT NOT CHANGE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE ALMIGHTY… anything that raises itself against the true knowledge of God needs to bow down in obedience to Jesus Christ, and you were given the authority to call it to obedience.

Put a peg in the ground today, draw a line in the sand… and refuse to go back to where you came from, DO NOT cross that line and go back chasing a life of self-pleasure, but work on the deficit of the INTENED you. Be obedient to His call… He is knocking, and whoever opens will be seated with Him in His Glory.

2 responses to “Be True to Yourself”

  1. Yes D… Finding yourself is very important… Most of us don’t know our sense of belonging in Christianity and in christ… Thanks for reminding us.

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  2. Finding your identity in christ that wil form u into what your purpous is and its very sad if u dont live out your purpous in christ so many of us miss it and by repenting and let God take over completely will change u forever

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