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Park that thought; don’t let it pass…

Godly Conversations lead to Godly Revelations!!! I briefly wrote about this topic a while ago… chatting about God, conversations leading to God’s goodness and greatness.
Every single time I meet with this friend I spoke about we have an “AHA” moment, and at the end of the late nights, overflowing by more than just caffeine… it often ends with “We should’ve recorded this conversation”

I never liked writing or reading, just didn’t tickle my fancy. I can’t recall how I got through school, because I never but never studied, neither was I in class every day to at least absorb the teachers’ attempts to get theory into my head… but, but, but, I never failed a subject throughout my school years.

When I was in the eye of the storm last year, before the divorce, the few people that supported me emotionally told me to write… “write down your emotions, write down your thoughts… get it on paper, just get it out.” I tried, I really did… Very few people know exactly what I went through, the silent battles were something I had to deal with by myself… and every time I started writing about it, I got angry at myself, at my ex and the circumstances that led to the divorce. I refused to write about it, and never intend to publish anything deep into it. I did emotionally and spiritually what needed to be done, and it has passed, Hallelujah!!!
Glory to God; The Holy Spirit helped me in so many ways to deal with it, and looking back now, healed in less than a year from a traumatic event that should’ve left me scarred for life made me stronger in Christ than I could ever have imagined. I am now standing with my arms wide spread, embracing every step of the way… and so excited for what God is preparing for me… And I am soooo excited to get married again; who she is I don’t know yet, all I know is that she is with God at this present time as God is preparing us both for a marriage that will be based on His love for us. ❤❤❤

So, up to here I never wrote anything except for things I really needed to write. Neither have I ever read a book from the beginning to the end… I had 2 years to read “Kringe in die Bos”, and I cannot even remember who the author was… however, last year with the lockdown I collected a pile of books from a friend and I read 8 books in 4 weeks, and when I didn’t read the books, I studied the bible and was over dosing on online sermons… after 5 weeks I was “Spiritually Overweight” and, during lockdown, no one to share this new gained understanding piling up inside of me, and surely some were lost in the moment of over indulgence… I pulled the plug on over feeding and started working on bite size chunks, big enough to consume and implement, and not get overwhelmed… sometimes we over feed our spirit and minds, and can’t work to get the Spirit led teachings implemented; the train of thought and revelation often passes through unnoticed and lost. Too much info that we don’t know where to touch and where to let go, eventually we forget about it.

What I noticed in my journey, is that God works in themes or topics with me… example being; If for instance the Holy Spirit plants a seed of knowledge in regard to “Authority in obedience” through a revelation, it will pop up everywhere, I will get scriptures randomly in regard to the topic, I will over hear people talking about similar topics, my “Godly conversations” with my friends will lead into the same direction without me initiating it…
Now, try and remember all these things; in my human capacity it is not possible… let alone understanding and implementing it.

This is when I started writing… captions, catch phrases, quoting revealed scriptures’ understanding, bite size notes, etc… I email these to myself from my mobile phone and copy it to a themed word document once I am behind my laptop; my quiet time with God will trigger these and the studying will be led by the Holy Spirit.

PARK THAT THOUGHT; more often than not I will be in the middle of studying a “theme” when a new topic will come up… I want to hold on to that thought, don’t want it to pass… I will write / type it down, with the revelation I got from it and “park” it. These parked thoughts keep toiling around in my mind. Being aware of what’s happening around me and how the Holy Spirit try to get my attention in regard to a “topic” will get priority in my study time… most of the time I don’t complete a study (or post) at the same time… most of the time it will be pulled out of the “archive” and parked studies, which consists of copied and pasted bible verses, quotes, phrases, sermon notes, etc.; and out of nowhere it all falls into place and understanding floods in in a short space of time, based on “Parked” thoughts.

I currently have more than 20 “Parked” blog posts in progress, I often come across things that I will “park” in a specific topic, and when the time is right it will all fall into place and make sense. I refuse to let a thought pass without giving it the attention it deserves. If it is inspired by the Holy Spirit He will water it.

Don’t let a possible encounter pass you by; don’t let a thought that will most likely become a revelation slip through the cracks… Hold on to it… WRITE IT DOWN, the Holy Spirit will lead you into understanding when the time is right… plant the seed, let it germinate in prayer, meditation and thought; and before long your heart and eyes of understanding will open to it.

Be attentive, pay attention to what is going on around you… The Holy Spirit is trying night and day to show you more of God’s goodness and glory, don’t let the opportunity pass you to get to know God better.

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