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“Lord, show me”

With a silent and shy whisper… “Lord, show me, show me Your way.”
God, as gentle as He is, starts pointing out the bruises, the areas we got hurt. He gently touches the wounds… “There, My child, that is where your healing is.” Tears running down the cheeks… “Thank you, Father”

And again, we ask “Lord, show me.” Again, He gently puts His finger on the bruised areas with a response; “Let us work on this My child.” And we reply, “Thank you, Father.” We focus on the spots, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Time goes by, as healing takes place, God shows us more areas to focus on… Elevation demands a shift, somethings must go… the next level demands obedience. “Show, me Lord.” And He replies, “Let go of this my Child, it is not beneficial to your soul.” It might be habits, it might be forgiveness, it might be people… “Yes, Lord…Thank You, Lord.” We hear, but we don’t listen…

Subtly the habit, the hatred, the people creep back into our lives; and nothing changes.
We cry out “LORD, show me!!!” Again, the gentleman He is… “Here, My child, don’t play with this.” … “Yes, Lord…Thank You, Lord, I hear you, I repent” Eventually, the penny drops… and we let go.

It starts off with FOCUS on the hurt and what caused it, He will then show what to LET GO of… don’t think for one minute your bad choices, habits and relationships are sacrifices… your choices placed you there, He will deliver you from it, but you need to be bold enough to repent and walk away from it; peace will enter your life.

GIVE takes you to a deeper level; As the hunger grows, the demand grows… as we grow in Him, again we ask, this time with boldness “Lord, Show me.” Or at least, we should… He then starts replying with “I will call forth the grain and make it abundant. I will multiply the fruit of your trees and the increase of your fields.” (Ezekiel 36:29-30) This is the hardest, when sacrifices are demanded, but this is where territories multiply… this is where authority lays, true sacrifices shift realms.
Don’t think giving only involves money; it is time; it is humbleness, it is attention… We serve the Good Good Father… and everything we have belongs to Him, listen and react if He requires it to grow His Kingdom.

DON’T ever get to a point of not asking “Lord, show me.” Diligently seek!!!

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