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Deal or heal… What’s your story?

The “Abishai Brothers” were supposed to meet last week, but 2 scheduled nights couldn’t take place due to unforeseen circumstances… I took the time to finish my previous post the first night, and then the following night, after coming home from work, I didn’t know what to do with myself… I entered into a home of silence, quickly put something together to eat… switched on the TV and put on my current playlist of Worship on YouTube… after a bit of senseless scrolling on social media I came across a video of a guy interviewing 5 girls at an orphanage, my heart melted, I immediately shut social media off and started seeking God’s presence to give thanks for what I have… but also wondering “What’s their story? How did it come about? How did they end up in the orphanage?” The interview was innocent with the intent to seek assistance for these girls… but I could sense the sadness and doubt these girls have… 😥😥😥

“What’s your Story?”
If you know me well enough, you would most likely have had a “So? What’s your story?” conversation, it is one of the very early questions you’ll get from me. It may seem arrogant and nosey, but man, the Holy Spirit has a way with it, and I love it… The Holy Spirit has really put a soft spot in my heart and I am sensitive to not upset you, or make you relive pain for no reason… but on many occasions people start sharing their deep secrets with me, without any intention to get it out of them, or pulling it out of them… It is just a way God has with me, I am intrigued with “your” story, the better I know the story of your heart the better the Holy Spirit can assist us in finding healing and restoration, with rest assured confidence that whatever you share with me will stay with me, I despise gossiping and will gain nothing from it to spill your beans to the world, but I am sure the person sharing their emotions with me can sense the confidence and trust.
This might be because when I was at my lowest, I was alone, stuck by myself, in a country 8000km from “home” … and till today very few people know my story, but the Holy Spirit has taught me how to heal from it, gently and patiently showing me where to find healing in the fullness of Christ… but we all don’t have to do it alone, and I believe that is why I am so touched by “Your Story.”
I had a discussion with a lady at work a while ago, a few things she says make me think a bit deeper, she has a story, and I cannot wait to hear her story… one thing she said is “It is tough to not talk to someone, you are mostly alone, and it drives you mad.” It does, and that is exactly how the enemy try to drive you to silly choices…

God has placed people on this earth, around you, to help you carry the burdens… even if it is just an ear that will listen to your heart, and most of the times listening to yourself voicing it will give you answers towards healing… Once we had the “What’s your story” conversation you will be added to my prayer list, your story will be heard by the Almighty God… I will present your heart’s story to Abba on your behalf.

Deal with it or heal from it…
Many of us just DEAL with “IT”, we need to, we don’t have much of a choice… Swim or sink…
Suicide? NO, PLEASE DON’T!!! CONTACT ME!!! NOW!!! Click on this link
Addiction? NOOOOO, don’t go there, the gap you try and fill, the escape, will cause bondage, the only fulfillment is in Christ!!!
Lust / Sexual immorality? Do you know how this pollutes the soul, fornication and adultery, my friend you don’t need any person on this planet’s validation or acceptance, especially not if they will not accept you if don’t sleep with them… If you are the one, you are worth waiting for, no matter how long it may take.

Yes, it is easy for me to say, right? I wish it was, for many years I tried to “deal with it”, but by the grace of God He taught me how to be “healed from it” … NO it is not easy, I’ve been in very dark places from a very young age, I saw and experienced things I should never have. Places of pain, hurt, shame, guilt and fear; places I never wanted to revisit. The Holy Spirit had me revisiting these areas to find healing… It is tough to go back to these events, we just want to bury it and never see it again… but these events are the root cause and it need to be faced and addressed to find healing.

See, when we deal with it, we oppress the process required and it WILL stick its head out again, maybe not now, but the roots remain and it will sprout a few years down the line, I promise you, in some form or the other the enemy will find a substitute for the lack or shortfall you experience by using shame, fear and guilt.

But when we choose to heal from it; with humility, we surrender it to Jesus, and we allow the Holy Spirit to search us, search our story, to get to the root… Will you forget the pain and the cause of it? Most likely not, we are not designed like that… the enemy’s weapons get disarmed by the Blood of the Lamb, and the word of your testimony (Revelation 12:10-12), your testimony is the next person’s hope… “I have been there, I know what you are going through… Chin up, you can do this…” (By God’s unmerited favor  Ephesians 1:3-11). Being healed from it makes you grow out of the pain it caused and it will not have a hold over you any longer

I often hear “Restoration is coming”; very early on in my journey over the past 3 years God showed me to define restoration from His point of view… it is very broad and we can get caught up with distractions if we don’t have a clear vision of what this restoration means. Restoration entails healing, not dealing and shoving it under the carpet. The first and ultimate goal of restoration is to restore our relationship with God, everything else can wait, nothing else can take the front seat… You cannot expect a restored life and not have a restored relationship with Him, it simply doesn’t work like that. We are fully dependent on Him, He is our source of wholeness, when we get to the point of total surrender and a restored relationship with Him, completeness will follow… We are sufficient by His sufficiency, and our fullness can and will only be found in Him.
There is a freedom in the healing that cannot be explained, there is a peace that transcends all understanding… once you’ve tasted the goodness of God you will never exchange it for anything else.

It is a journey, and wont happen over night, but if I didn’t allow the first step 2 years ago, I would most likely be where I was back then… running, oppressing… It doesn’t happen over night, but one starry night you will need to make a choice… Deal or Heal?

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