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Chin up, Chest out, you are a child of God

I don’t do politics, therefore I don’t watch or read any form of news, I’ve blocked any form of news popping up on my timelines… 

Ja, a lot of people tell me that it’s dumb because you need to be prepared, know what’s coming… And you know, I am perfectly content with that… 

I look at my “bubble” of what I can influence and what can influence me, as far I am stretched by the people around me, my “neighbor”.

So, Russia and Ukraine…? I have not read or watched anything on it, however my influence is an Ukrainian brother… I was told the history from the horse’s mouth, by someone that is part of it, and it is very different from what other people in my “bubble” think it might be.

3 weeks ago when the paw paw hit the fan I saw this friend in shock and disbelief of what’s happening to his home country, I felt his pain and concern. I experienced his longing to be with his family in Ukraine.

He came around for a coffee yesterday at work; the shock and disbelief I physically saw in him 3 weeks back has changed into hope and faith, with words of (even with the attacks not subsiding just yet, and Ukraine just standing there ground, just resisting attacks); “God’s hand is over Ukraine”, “It has united Ukraine”, “Ukraine will recover fast”, “Russia (the attacker) will never be the same again and will come of worst than Ukraine”.

It immediately brought Light vs Darkness up…

Light shown forth from darkness and darkness could not comprehend it. There has been a powerful movement of God’s majesty in Ukraine (again from the horse’s mouth)… God, the Light, is shown forth in this dark time, and the onlookers will not comprehend it.

God is about to blow our mind… Even in your little bubble of surrounded darkness.

Chin up, Chest out, you are a child of God, His hand is resting on you. 

His joy is to see you joyful. His love for you is in the peace He brings to your bubble.

Keep the hope, Keep the faith, stand your ground… Jesus is about to manifest Himself.

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