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Thank you, Jesus, for what You have come to do…

I have been busy reading quite a few books in the last few months; reading a few chapters of one book then again of the other… the one book I am reading was timed to perfection with the season we are in, the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It talks about the “Risenness” power of Jesus; it being more than just an event that made Him the only God that ever conquered death, but that it is a force that sends ripples through all of time and creation; it is a force as present today as can be, it is a force to live by.
If the power of His death and resurrection is not manifesting daily in your life, I suggest you reconsider your ways, renew your thought patterns, allow Him to enter and have His power transform you into who you are supposed to be.

Cause and effect; Early on in my renewed life God showed me events in my past that assisted me in healing from “root causes”, areas and events I had to forgive, release, repent and apologize. We tend to try and deal with symptoms opposed to healing from the root causes of these symptoms (I touched this in Deal or Heal). Some symptoms being fear, shame, guilt, low self-esteem, rejection… all typical weapons of the enemy, unknowingly armed through events of our past.
We suppress the symptoms, it goes away for a short while, but guaranteed to return, unless you choose to allow the Holy Spirit to show you the causes of the effects, and what action is required to be released from it.
These causes need to be uprooted and removed once and for all; stop dealing with the symptoms, it will exhaust you; go through the process to be healed from it… I promise you; it brings peace and freedom wrapped in love.

This week I was led to think from a different point of view… The cause and effect of Jesus’ death and resurrection… the effects (fruits) being love, peace, patience, kindness goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. These are all “benefits” of the cause; it transforms into a way of life; it causes nothing but nothing to be able to raise fear and anxiety against the cause of the resurrected power of Jesus Christ.

A similar meaning for the word “cause” is the word “purpose”, both these words have an effect due to a demand in actions, with “cause” being the desire to stop something and “purpose” being the desire to start something; Jesus came to bring an effect to both; to stop death and to start eternal life…

The Purpose…
Jesus knew why He came to dwell in mortal form; 100% human; 100% God, choosing to walk in our shoes, to experience life from our point of view, and He perfected it. The purpose was the Father’s heart, He understood the Father’s heart, He knows the true meaning of love; to reconcile us to the Father, fulfilling the law and removing the condemnation it brought, restoring us to our former glory;(“I sanctify Myself so that they may also be sanctified”) so that the relationship can be as it was in the garden, permanently in the Father’s presence.
He became the ultimate, spotless sacrifice to bring atonement for our sinful nature, to present us, the bride, righteous to the Father.
The opening chapter of “Devine Romance” (by Gene Richards), says something so beautiful… “And God was not meant to be alone.” God then created man; man was ripped away due to sin. Since that day it was in God’s plan to restore the relationship and Jesus was on a journey to go find His bride, make her holy and bring her back into the garden, with the veil being ripped away, standing face-to-face.
We are part of the most beautiful love story of all ages; and Jesus’ purpose was to be the Knight in shining armor.

The Father’s heart, filled with LOVE, gave reason for action towards the purpose…
The value of a soul rests in the value of Jesus’ blood, His blood brought value to it.

Jesus’ action, in obedience, towards the PURPOSE brought an effect on us, as His bride and children of the Almighty God and Father… The force of His “risenness” power sent shock waves through all of creation; arming us with the effects of love, peace, patience, kindness goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

He came to Set Free, to Restore, to Sanctify, to Reconcile, to Conquer, to Forgive, to Love, to Reveal, to Save, to Redeem and to Commission… all these having an effect against the weapons of the enemy, disarming Satan and his power of death, fear, shame and guilt over every single soul; allow the beauty of His death and resurrection come alive in you, which is purposed to bring you into an eternal life with our God and Father, on earth, as it is in heaven.

Something heavy on my heart at the moment; “Sanctify yourselves… (Joshua 3:5) Sanctify in this context mean to be consecrated, to be set apart for His good pleasure, living a holy life pleasing to Him. (Keep in mind; there is a huge difference between perfection and purity, read a bit more of it in my post Purity the intention, distracted by perfection).
In John 17 Jesus prays the most beautiful prayer, in verse 17 He prays “Sanctify them in the truth [set them apart for Your purposes, make them holy]; Your word is truth.” Truth… it will set you free.

The best thing you can do; for yourself, your neighbor and for all of creation; is to sanctify yourself… you cannot change your neighbor, you cannot heal your neighbor… you can hold their hand in the process, but it is not your job to heal them; and just as much, don’t seek healing from your neighbor, do not put the pressure on them; don’t force them to relive your “hurt” events from your past to try and find healing through your partner, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN… That is why Jesus came, don’t try and remove the force of His resurrection… Let His power do its work.

I am in awe of what He has done in my life, I am a walking testimony, I will forever be grateful and thankful for what He has done on THAT day, which was not a recent event or day, but the force of what He has released 2000 years ago…

Thank you Jesus, Thank you Emmanuel… it may be mere words from a mortal, but may my life be a life consecrated in worship for what you have done for me and all of creation.

“It is finished!” And He bowed His head and voluntarily gave up His spirit.

He came to Set Free – Galatians 4:4-7
He came to Restore – 1 Peter 3:18
He came to Fulfill – Matthew 5:17
He came to Sanctify – Hebrews 10:10
He came to Reconcile – 2 Corinthians 5:18
He came to Conquer – Colossians 2:15
He came to Forgive – Luke 23:34
He came to Love – John 15:12
He came to Reveal – John 14:6-12
He Came to Save – Luke 19:9-10
He came to Redeem – Colossians 1:13-14
He came to Commission – Matthew 28:18-20
IT IS FINISHED – John 19:30

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