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I heard Him say “My Bride, Do Not Forget…”

I heard Him say…
“My beloved Bride, Do not forget…
Do not forget where I came to fetch you from…
Do not forget the mountains I moved…
Do not forget the oceans I parted…
Do not forget that you didn’t choose me, but I chose you…
I allowed circumstances to happen… Circumstances that brought you to My feet…
I came after you, I ran you down, how many times have I plucked you out of death’s hands caused by your own choice.

I came looking for you, I found you wandering outside the garden, walking in fear and doubt. I found you in darkness, bumping your feet on obstacles, tripping over earthly short lived pleasures, stumbling into places you were not supposed to be… I came as LIGHT to guide you by night, I sent COVERING to COMFORT you from the much needed cleansing FIRE by day. I sent you to be washed in the Jordan River, you were resurrected with Me. I removed the filthy garments of fear, guilt and shame, it lost its grip on you. I sanctified you, I clothed you with garments of GLORY, My Glory and you entered the forecourt, you tasted My presence, you could smell My Majesty… The peace you think you have experienced is only the start of what I have in-store, what you thought was blessings and miracles was just alignment for what is coming… You have not tasted a drop of My fullness, yet… There is more, LIFE as you know it is not the LIFE as I know it.

I waited on the prodigal son, I waited for him, I waited for his return. But You? I came running after you. I saw you in the distance, I saw the heaviness you were carrying, I needed you to experience Me… I saw you, I approached you, I walked by you very closely, hoping you would reach out to touch the hem of My garment, you did, I could feel the energy of LOVE being pulled from Me as you chose to reach out, hoping to be filled.

You choose Me as the last resort, I chose you as the only resort, a way to express Myself as LOVE… You allowed Me close enough when I met you at the water well, you opened your heart, you allowed me access to your deepest secrets which I knew all too well, and I had the opportunity to show you my LOVE.

I am not reminding you to bring fear; I am not reminding you to evoke anxiety; I am not reminding you to leave you in shame, I am not reminding you to convict you… Rather be reminded of the PEACE you experienced at the entrance of the GARDEN; Be reminded of the LOVE I BREATHED into you at the beginning of your timeline, in this place you call earth, so called life…
This life has no meaning without My Love… it was created by Me, through Me, for Me. YOU were created by Me, through Me, for Me.


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