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Pappa’s Little Girl

Sunday morning was one of those moments I had to fight off tears at church. After a beautiful message from the Pastor (Prophet), we started worshipping. As we worshipped God, the Pastor called every single person to the front, he prayed a blessing over every single person, anointing us with oil. God was present. There were quite a few kids in the service which he also prayed over and anointed. I spotted a girl that looked the same age as my daughter, how I wish she was with me, this girl had tears running down her cheeks as the pastor prayed for her, that sparked the compassion for “daughters” in my heart again, swallowing vigorously, fighting off the tears; I stopped the urge to fight it when I got back to my seat after he prayed for me, head bowed down, resting on my hands at the feet of Jesus, crying for His daughters. I could see all the “daughters” I pray for as little girls, like that little girl being anointed by a Prophet of God.

The last few weeks, amongst aaaaaall the other things God is busy with me, God has laid daughters on my heart… it is mainly triggered when I earnestly pray and intercede for my daughter, I then add “daughters” to the prayer list, so the ladies in close contact with me, know that you are being prayed for as a daughter of God the Father.

Why specifically daughters? Probably because I am a Son of God, trying my best to guide a daughter of God with the limited time and influence I have to the throne of God, I really wish I could spend more time with her, but I will do whatever it takes to get her to the Father’s feet in the gentlest way possible in the time I have with her.

If you ever had a personal discussion with me, you would most likely have had a question relating to your biological father, maybe not in depth, but I can sense when something is wrong. Knowing what your relationship with your father is like tells me what I should pray for, and will most likely tell me what your relationship with God is like.

I often pray for my daughter’s mother, we don’t have much contact, but she is the mother of my daughter and she is doing a great job raising her the 90% of the time I don’t have any influence. More often than not, when I pray for her, I see her as a little girl; I don’t want to go into detail about her upbringing without her consent, but she also didn’t live with her father; her view of her past changed with a shock around the age of 18, I can just imagine how she had taken an identity shock during that time. And to top this she never really had a good relationship with her mother. My heart goes out to that little girl I see when I pray for her; the girl that had to fend for herself her whole life.
My sister is 9 years older than me, and even though we grew up in non-broken family, I can’t recall that she ever had a good relationship with our father, she moved out the house when the first opportunity arose, my assumption is to “run” from the father, I will also not go into the detail of what’s on my heart in regard to their relationship, but I see that little girl, my heart goes out to that little girl longing for acceptance.
Then there are other “little girls” that never had the opportunity to know their fathers, due to them passing away before they could be of age to recall memories of Pappa, or for some reason the father has never been present in person, I see these little girls, my heart goes out these “little girls.”

Our relationships with our mortal fathers have a huge impact on our relationship with God the Father. We create an image and perception of God the Father based on the experiences we have with our earthly fathers. 
It is the most natural thing to do;
How can you picture a Father figure as love if you have never experienced love from a father?
How can you picture a Father as a figure that is ever-present if you have never experienced a “present” father in natural form?
How can you accept a blessing or a promise from God the Father if you have never received it from an earthly father?

I am not saying it is impossible, but if we experience it in this realm, we will be more receptive when God showers our hearts and souls with it. My heart goes out to the “little girls” that never had this privilege.

The Father’s love

The above examples, of a not living with father, non-present father or never knowing father, usually deprive the “little-girl” from love and acceptance. Often the first form of love, other than the nurturing love of a mother, will be a boyfriend, being accepted in a romantic love, they get butterflies when they think of the boy (or man) which distorts their view on true love; make me feel good about myself, make feel accepted and protected and I will return the favor of “love”; A love built on “Meet these demands and I will love you back, if you don’t, well then I can’t love you any longer.”

I am not saying all boys or men are like this, but the likelihood that this person knows love is very slim; Where is his father? Is the father present in love, fatherly love?
Just a side note, I have a dear friend that always make a comment if he sees a beautiful lady “I first want to see what the mother looks like.” Implying that if the mother ages well the daughter will too. Usually just a joke, but it has some truth in it. Look at the father and you might get an indication of who the person is.

With an absent father and a present boyfriend, the “little girl” start believing that the boyfriend love is better than the fatherly love; sad to say, for a lot of us this is the only love we ever experience. I am not saying it is bad to feel loved like this, but there is so much more to the father’s love.
I wrote something similarly in my post Purity the intention, Distracted by Perfection, my daughter told me that she feels she need to impress people to experience acceptance, she is not being accepted because she is not perfected. No “works” (good or bad) will ever change my view of my daughter, nothing she say or do will make me love her less.
A father’s love doesn’t expect anything in return; It builds her up, it motivates her, it compliments her, it holds her hand, it protects her. Pure love, without being diluted with own interests and without any mixture false pretenses.

A father’s love should be the primary introduction of God’s love for us; it should be the foundation of love; there is no expectation, no conditions, no butterflies, no longing for a touch or a kiss, no check list to meet.
The first part of Revelations 2 talks about the church of Ephesus “leaving, deserting their first love.” 1 John 4 talks about God’s love, we love because God first loved us. God, Who is love, is our first love. We cannot really say we deserted it if we never experienced it, so is the love we experience true love?

Jesus came to sanctify us, make us Holy, to draw us closer to God, God is love, everything about Him is love. If your definition of love and God is not the same, I suggest you seek the true meaning of love in God’s presence.

The Presence of a Father

My career for the last 20 years has really demanded a lot from me, at times 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, I have not always been present, and thinking back now even the times I have been home I was not always “present”. I loved wrestling with her, playing horse with her, working outside in the garden, but at times I was there but not there. I now miss the opportunities I had, it is lost forever.
I recall a few times I attended her ballet lessons, at times a bit late, but I could see how her face lit up as soon as I entered the dance hall, how she would strut her moves extra special because Pappa is there. Or the times she had school concerts and got excited every time she spotted Pappa in the crowd.

God the Father, will never leave you, nor forsake you… such a beautiful verse in the bible, quoted by millions of Christians in a time they feel alone, but do we experience this, have you ever experienced God’s presence, a presence that is more than goosebumps or a tear in the eye?

How can we say that if our “father” was not there, he was, but he wasn’t? How do I experience presence if I don’t know what it feels like? It is like someone saying they don’t like sushi but never tasted sushi, or I don’t eat nuts but never had nuts.

Quoting from a book I am currently reading;
“Live in the wisdom of accepted tenderness.
Tenderness awakens within the security of knowing we are thoroughly and sincerely liked by someone. The mere presence of that special someone in a crowded room brings an inward sigh of relief and a strong sense of feeling safe. The experience of a warm, caring, affective presence banishes our fears.”

There Father’s Blessing

A blessing from a father is important in the Kingdom of God. It speaks of acceptance; “I accept you as you are, therefore I bless you as you are.”

Jacob (the man that wrestled with God for a blessing) knew the importance of a blessing, deceiving Isaac to take Esau’s blessing; Joseph knew the importance of a blessing, taking his sons for a blessing from the same man, Jacob. Throughout the Old Testament the fathers blessed their sons; to such an extent that a missed blessing was as good as a curse. The blessing was also to make known the inheritance of the child.

I personally never received a blessing from my father, I started working on my relationship with my father, and when the time was right, I asked him to bless me, knowing the importance thereof.
A blessing comes from a stance of love and acceptance, a “normal” person will not pray a blessing over a person they don’t love, nor accept.
My heart goes out to the “little girls” that never had a blessing prayed over them, the girls that never heard their pappa say “I bless you and I will protect your heart with everything in me.”

I am a Son of God, fighting to get a daughter of God to His feet; I can show love in the way I know and understand love; I can try my best to live in the wisdom and awareness of accepted tenderness, being present when presence is demanded; and I will bless my daughter at every possible opportunity, praying for her understanding of the inheritance she has in the Kingdom of God.

That’s me… what about you, little girl? Your father wasn’t who you were made to believe, your father didn’t accept you, nor blessed you; or the little girl, that never had the opportunity to know her father? Where does leave you?
As I wrote this and trying to finish it off, God laid it on my heart to put on your “Daddy’s shoes”, to pray over you and bless you as a father should.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for the opportunity I have to speak to and pray over your daughters;
I praise you for the work You are doing in each and every daughter of Yours, even though at times it feels distant and lonely, but knowing that You are there with them, knowing that you hear every prayer and plea arising from their heart in silent prayers.
I worship You for the Father You are, You are a good good Father that showers us with love, peace, rest and joy; Father God, make her aware of this, teach her Your love, guide her into the resting place found in Your peace at Your feet; let the joy You have in her for living a consecrated live towards You be her strength. There is none like You, there will never ever be anyone like You, we adore You, we honor You.

Father God, we were raised in a realm we call reality, a reality obscured and distorted from Your presence and goodness. Jesus said “bring the little children to Me”, and that is exactly what I am doing, I am placing the little girl reading this prayer now on Your lap.
Father God, it is difficult to explain fatherly love if we have never experienced fatherly love; shower the little girl with Your love, teach her and make her experience Your love, a love without measure, a love that cannot be expressed in words or emotions, a love that shows her Your acceptance, a love that does not demand actions, a love that is not based on her past, the same love you have shown me, the same love that brings peace to the heart, knowing that it casts out all fear and doubt, a love that tells her that she is fearfully and wonderfully made, in your image and likeness, which is LOVE.

Father God, I am praying for holy visitations; Holy Spirit make Your presence known to her, let her experience You more than just a goosebump or a tear in the eye, let her experience Your presence hovering over her every move, give her the assurance, courage and boldness to bring every situation she faces to You, let her make You her counsel and guide her into Your will and purpose for her life.

Father God, lead the little girl to forgiveness in her heart for her father not being present, knowing Father, that forgiveness will change her view of her past; Father God, we forgive with all sincerity the absent father, for he did not know what he was doing, he did not understand how to express his love and acceptance through his presence;
Father God, I pray for and thank You the full restoration of relationships leading from this prayer.

Father God, I am standing in front of You now, understanding the impact and importance of a blessing, understanding that at certain times windows of blessings are open, times where a blessing were supposed to be prayed over your daughter and was missed, Father God, you are outside of time and it has no effect on You as our Creator, Father God, accept my prayer of blessing over Your daughter and visit that little girl of years back and bless her with Your love. I am rebuking and reversing any missed blessing seen as a curse, Father God, we bind it in the precious name of Jesus Christ, turn that curse into a blessing for Your intention from the foundation of this realm was to have us in Your presence, to live in unity and to have a relationship with You; Father God, remove any obstruction standing between You are Your daughter, let her enter Your courts with praise and thanks giving for what You are doing for her right now.

Father, I bless her with the thoughts You have for her, I am blessing her with a future of prosperity and peace, I pray that she may find comfort in Your ability, Father God, to reach her, hold her and rescue her. Let her walk in the security of the value You have placed on her.

Father God, remind her of who she is, that You have formed her and placed her here for your good pleasure, she is a child of the one and only living God, a beloved child, bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, her name is written on Your hand, Your mercy have defeated her shame. Father, You know her best, only You know the deepness of her thoughts, renew her thoughts towards You. Create within her a pure heart, give her a renewed spirit with steadfastness.

You are the God of Love and we are absolutely nothing without Your Love, thank you for the Grace Jesus brought us, His name is the name above all names, King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus is His precious name.

And I am praying this in the same name of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Amen and Amen.

BE blessed little Girl.

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