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I hear Him say “If only…”

Over the past 3 years I have learnt to stay away from “What if…?” reasoning. For me it is a question requiring convincing, and when I need to be convinced about something I stay away from it. Is this a good thing? I don’t know. What if it is good? What if it is not?
Similarly with “If only…” wishful thinking… you miss the value of what you currently have when you are continuously caught up in “If only…” thoughts.

“What if she is the one, what if I choose not to pursue her as the one and I miss her being the one?”
“What if she is not the one, and I miss the one because I am distracted by the one I thought to be the one?”
“If only God will give me a sign of the one.”

Is this not what we are faced with on a daily basis, “WHAT IF” choices, with “If only…” wishes?
Our days are filled with choices and decisions. I know in my mind what the quickest route is to work, but every day I am faced with the same choice; Do I take the shortest and the straightest line, with traffic, to work, or do I take a detour with less traffic and speed bumps to work? I am making this choice every single day as I drive out from the complex where I live… 6 days a week. “What if the 2 traffic lights on the detour route is out?” “What if I catch the traffic lights all green on the first go if I take the usually congested route?” “uuuuuuummmmm….? If only the radio traffic-alert could come up now.”

“What if” weighs up the possibilities, it always has a “What if not” possibility reasoning… “If I do” weighed against “If I don’t.” Sometimes it gets over shadowed by “If only” wishes, and we end up not making choices and choose to go with the flow of the external influences, hoping to find the greatest happiness going downstream, letting things be. People making decisions for us, what they think is best for us, and we let it be, their choices for our lives.

We don’t recognize these words on every occasion, but as soon as reasoning takes place, we have a “what if…” debate in our minds…. Aaaand then we change our minds as we speak… “If this happens…. no, no, no… WHEN this happens…”, trying to convince ourselves of our faith. And then we start reasoning with “if” vs “when.” We try and convince ourselves as it being a “given”, even though we cannot see “this” in the spirit.

So, are we convincing ourselves by “WHEN”, opposed to “IF”? Can I tell you a secret? Both the words, “If” and “WHEN”, derive from the Hebrew word “KIY”, with a conditional particle to it, so keep telling yourself “When” is a word of faith, however, both are words with an outcome depending on a condition being met or accomplished. Read Jeremiah 29:11-14, can you spot the “When” and the condition thereof? He has the most beautiful future for you, filled with promises; seek Him and when you find Him as a vital necessity (AMP)… this tells me that you don’t stop seeking until you find Him, and to find the depth of His fullness will take a lifetime and beyond, that’s why you have eternity to keep seeking the depth of Him, the fullness of His Majesty.

A while back I noticed something in the Bible, come to think of it, it is actually obvious, but I missed it due to negligence and possibly being “hurt” at the time and in hope of finding healing with no work needed from my side, I mean, Jesus came to pay the price and I can sit back and do nothing, He said it is Finished, and complete, didn’t He? It hit me like a ton of bricks when I spotted it. I made mention of this in a previous post, You are expectant, right?

The bible is hidden with a lot of “WHAT IF…?” options, we don’t spot it but it is there; the beauty of these WHAT IF’s is that it gives us an outcome with an answer, we now need to choose between “Life or Death, “Light or Darkness.”
God loves us unconditionally, He is a good, good Father and nothing we do or say will change His view or opinion of us, nothing will separate us from His love, nothing.
As I wrote this, I was reminded of 1 Corinthians 10:23; ‘All things are legitimate and permissible, we are free to do anything we please, but not all things are helpful (expedient, profitable, and wholesome). All things are legitimate, but not all things are constructive to character and edifying to spiritual life.’
Guard your heart, guard what you allow into your soul, because it is more difficult to get it out than what it is to get in, it forms patterns in your thinking, do not be conformed by life’s patterns.

#HashTagPromises has a condition to it. “What will happen IF…?”, also worded as “This will happen if…”
Both in Hebrew and in Greek the word “IF” has a condition in it… the word appears 1595 times in the Bible, and a lot of these are attached to promises.
Deuteronomy 28 to 30 has popped up quite a lot in the last week in my quiet time, it is filled with beautiful promises; sorry to burst your bubble, but these promises all have a #Hashtag to it, emphasized with the word “IF.” The word appears 10 times in Deuteronomy 28 & 30, all of these are a condition to a promise, or a curse if the choice is “If NOT.”
Chapter 28 starts with a capital IF; “IF YOU will listen diligently to the voice of the Lord your God, being watchful to do all His commandments which I command you this day, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations of the earth.’ This is followed by WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF and IF NOT… It ends off in Chapter 30 suggesting you to choose life over death, blessing over curse… No, God will not curse you, but a missed blessing is as good as a curse, the obvious is if you don’t choose life, you choose the opposite thereof, which is…?

Choose to choose, Life it is!!!! Failing to choose is a choice, as much as failing to respond is an answer.

As these thoughts kept me occupied in prayer and meditation over the past few days, spending time at His feet… Selah… pausing to take in what I am hearing… I can feel His heart, I can hear His thoughts, as I listen I am wording His voice;

“My Child, if only you will be as conscious of Me as I am of you, my every thought revolves around you and your well being.
If only you will be attentive to My voice, My voice calling you out of darkness; you have tasted darkness, you may think you enjoy the darkness, but in this darkness I am conscious of your every thought, I hear your every prayer, I hear your calling to freedom. I see you stumbling through the darkness, the darkness surrounded by deep waters. I see you holding on for dear life onto earthly patterns and mindsets. I see you being mislead by your understanding of Me, you are yet to experience Me.
My Spirit is hovering over your darkness, your emptiness, He is hovering over the void left by what you thought was love, awaiting you to call on Me, your Love, your Lord.
You are yet to experience My fullness, until you let go of your ways, you wont. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. You think you have experienced life, you think you have seen the light.
If only you will heed to my call, I am calling you from the deep darkness, the darkness which you perceive as peace and freedom, however, it lasts but for a moment, in Me you will find eternal life, filled with love, joy and peace.

My Child, if only you will accept my invite into the Light, the Light which is My Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, in Him you will find love, through Him you will experience Me, you will know Me as your God, and I will call you my people.
If only you will lift your head to see the light ahead of you. Lift up your head, look towards the Light, there is your LIFE, your true identity. Rise above the water and move closer.
If only you will remove the filthy garments, drop the death clothes… You are My child, you have the royal inheritance to a Kingdom higher than your thoughts; the keys to unlock it is inside of you. Set your mind on things above, what you think is real is not real.
If only you will wake up from your sleep, the dream you call reality. If only you will allow me to unlock the realm of heaven, the realm limited by your shallow thoughts.
If only you could hear my heart beat, just one beat.
If only you could feel My breathe blowing over you, just one breathe.
If only you could hear my voice, just one word, your name being called out softly from the Light.
If only you knew that I am much closer to you than what you think, than what you know.
If only… My Child, If only you will call out My Name. If only you will draw closer to Me. If only you will give up your free-will and let My will be done, then and only then, My Child, you will experience My fullness.
I lay before you… Life and Death… If only you will choose LIFE.”

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