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“I’ll meet you there…”

Every now and then I need to open work at 6am, I love these mornings… I get up at 4:45am, put on worship music on the TV and have a coffee while I am quiet before the Creator of life, I then shower, get dressed and leave home to arrive at work around 5:50. There is not much staff that time of the morning, and I will only really have human interaction around 7:45… that is 2 hours with ear phones on listening to worship music and focused in prayer while I go about my morning tasks. I absolutely love it, super charged with Holy Ghost fire for the day.
Sunday morning was one of those days, I woke up Sunday morning with these words repeating over and over in my head “I’ll meet you there” … It gave me almost 3 hours of uninterrupted meditation and to pray over it.

It is almost 4 years since I have been on my own, I left for Saudi in October 2018, not knowing that it would be the last time I’ll see my family as a “family” … so it is just short of 4 years that I have been “alone.”

In this time, I have seen people coming and going, more than often just coming for a short while and “leave” short after. Mostly friends from my past, friends I grew up with, friends that I partied with in my high school years through to young adulthood, and very short after they would just disappear, probably due to differences in “interests”, or probably due to my habits that have changed since my return from the “desert.”
I have 2 friends that has stuck it through, even though I don’t see them much; 1 friend works abroad 3 months on 3 months off, so I don’t see him that often; then another which I will see once a week for our prayer meetings, and every now and then I will join him at his church or he will join me at the church I attend.

Then there are people that I have felt a spiritual connection with, people I still pray for today, when I pray for them I will sense things in my spirit, people I can see with an anointing hovering over them and they don’t even know it, people that are called to step up in the spirit and start taking territories, but I never have the time to sit down face-to-face and share my experience with them; and it is not a type of conversation to be discussed over WhatsApp or in a quick “walk-by-greeting”, but an eye-to-eye is needed to discuss and pray together over it, a conversation that need seeds of revelations dropped… “I need to tell you something, can we chat later…?” That later never happens.

“Don’t wait for me…I’ll meet you there.” A few of these friends, new and old, told me this… not directly… but with words of;
“I know, but I don’t know what to do or how to go about”;
“I know, but there is this thing that’s currently in the way”;
“I know, but please don’t lose your fire, you keep going”;
“I know, but please don’t stop praying for me.”
They indirectly told me “Don’t wait for me… I’ll meet you there.”
A gap is being formed as I am heading towards “there,” leaving them to catch up later, but how can one leave a person behind, even if they made the choice to be left behind? And so my journey continues alone, keeping them in prayer every step of the way, hoping they will catch up.

I tell my brother in Christ quite often “I feel a heaviness on me, a weight being carried… it is a nice type of weight.” This weight is when I pray for someone and God talks to me about the person, it becomes a thorn in the flesh if I can’t share it with the person, when I need to be mute about it.
No one knows what’s going on in your heart, your soul, your thoughts… We don’t often portray this to the world. “I am good, thanks, how are you?” I will often try and drag it out, “How are you really? You can talk to me.” You can tell me it’s all good, but I see you when no one is watching, I see the weight in your eyes, but as gentle as Jesus is, I will remain quiet and not force anyone to start the journey to “there.”
I saw a meme over the weekend… “You can only change what you accept.” I wrote something similar in the post Be true to yourself. You can keep your thoughts to yourself, but transformation will start the day you are true to yourself, accepting where you fall short and start working towards “there.” Work on the deficit between here and there.

Ideal (minus) Reality = Deficit

My friend, God sees you more than I do, He sees your heart, your every thought, and how He longs for the day you will come to sit at His feet to lay it all down. He is calling you “there.”
There are people sent to help you open your eyes and give direction towards the light of “there.” Nope, they will not make decisions for you, nor give their opinions, they will tell you the truth as spoken by God. The sad part is that some people will never open their eyes, look up and come to the realization of such a place, called “there.”
Indecisively choosing the lonely journey towards the wishful thinking of wholeness found in a state of being which they have never experienced before… “Don’t wait for me… I’ll meet you there… even though I don’t have a clue how to get there and what I might find there.”
The beauty is that Jesus will find you “here”, you just need to say YES for Him to take you “there”

Can you picture it?

If “there” was a place I would be able to explain it; an orange skyline on Signal Hill with the sun setting behind the Atlantic Ocean, a breath-taking full moon in Kruger National Park reflecting from the Crocodile River, or a starlit sky next to a crackling fire in the Arabian Desert. If only these picturesque settings could explain “there”, but it falls short.

“There” creates a burning desire in me to be in touch every waking hour; which once tasted found me hooked… “There” where I find peace, it is not a place I visit every now and then, but a place I try to live in, a place where I find my daily rest; it’s a state of being, with an infilling of the Holy Spirit that allows me to be in touch with God every second of everyday, “there” that transcends all understanding, an understanding that can only “be”, an understanding that cannot be shared in words or emotions.

It is personal; You need to experience it for yourself, I can help you get to the water, but you will need to drink from the fountain of Life yourself, it is not a choice I can make for you.

I would love to meet you there, and really hope to see you there… but I would love it even more and feel more comfortable if we can journey together; to help you up when you stumble, to pray with you and motivate you when you have doubt, to encourage you and remind you how far you have come when you want to give up, to help you carry the load when there are mountains ahead, to share my faith with you when you get tired, to share the excitement when we reach the mountain top, side by side.
Don’t do it alone, let me… let US seek His kingdom, let US find His righteousness… “There” is where we will find rest on our way to His feet, “There” is where we will step into His peace after the self fought battles has been given to Him. Don’t do it alone.

I have one such Brother, and I don’t know where I would have been if I had to journey alone. God sends people your way to do exactly that, do not ignore the calling of the Saints over your path.

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