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Where HE reigns, HE pours

The name BibleCaption came about in the way the Holy Spirit speaks to me… He constantly has my thoughts in meditation with captions or catch phrases, I love it. This makes me seek understanding, I don’t see it as just something with a catchy phrase to it, but it carries a deeper meaning. If you follow the BibleCaption page on social media you will come across catch phrases, and every single one has a deeper meaning to it, most of what I write came about of such…

I heard this phrase in my spirit a while ago, and I was reminded one morning this week as I woke up… “Where He reigns, He pours.” Initially I did not seek deeper understanding, I think the phrase speaks for itself; Wherever God reigns He will pour out His blessings… but wait, where does He reign? Does He reign in your world? Or…?

I am reminded of another “Caption” the Holy Spirit had me meditating on a while back, I wrote about it in So, what exactly do you want?“A kingdom is not a kingdom without a KING,” it derives from Matthew 6:33, “First seek His kingdom and His righteousness…” coming to the realisation that this kingdom is a kingdom occupied by our Saviour and King Jesus; it is not a place we need to seek, but rather the person (Jesus) occupying the place, seeking the King will lead us into the kingdom, His kingdom. So, He reigns in His kingdom? Or…?

We tend to pray and plea with God for Holy visitations… “God, we welcome You, Holy Spirit, come and visit us in this place”, forgetting, or being unaware, that it already took place, the God of creation descended into His creation, in the form of the created, He descended further into the pits of hell, to take captivity of the captives and bring freedom to the mislead captives, who lived in a life of bondage of shame, guilt and fear, He brought freedom to this “place”, a place we call our own. After He ascended He sent His Spirit, to dwell within us; we are set free and have the Holy Spirit permanently with us, no need to invite Him, just be attentive to Him.
With words of “unaware confusion” we ask “God, come into my world and free me of my thought patterns, release me of this bondage I find myself entangled in, be the King of my world, come reign in my world, and I will lay down everything at your feet.”

Our Lord and Savior prayed the most beautiful prayer for us in John 17, just before he went to the garden of Gethsemane where He prayed a prayer of submission the night leading to the most precious act of love, there He pleaded with His Father, He did so 3 times in earnesty, with sweat dripping from His forehead…captioning these prayers as “Father, I came into this world to glorify Your name, to make Your name known, but they have not accepted Me, I showed them miracles, I showed them wonders, and still, they have doubt in Your Majestic reign. I told them of Your Kingdom in parables and in a language, they should’ve grasped it, and still, they could not comprehend the depth and the width of Your sovereignty and love. Father, I plea of You, let this cup pass Me, if there is another way to redeem the human race let it be, but if it is Your will, if there is no other way, let Me be the way, let the sacrifice of My sanctified life open the veil between their world and Your world, tear it open, let My blood sanctify them as You have sanctified Me, allowing them access to Your world, let My act of Love open their eyes and hearts of understanding, let them set their minds and eyes on things above, where I will be seated soon, and let them grasp the inheritance You bestow on them, into a world without laws and without rules, a world lived in grace, a world free of condemnation, a world where We are will be omnipresent. Let Me be their WAY into Your world, led by the TRUTH found in Me, because no one can come to the Father if not through Me, in Your world there is holistic LIFE of abundance on all levels, so that they can experience Your limitless Love for them.”

In Matthew 16 Jesus asked His disciples “Who do you say I am?”, Simon Peter answered with a tone of submission “You are Christ, the Son of the living God.” Jesus blessed Him with a response of “Blessed are you, for flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but my Father who is in heaven did.” Jesus goes further… “On this I will build my church, and the gates of Hades shall not over power it.” The word “THIS” refers to the revelation, the coming to the realization of exactly Who He is… on this revelation, of Him being the king of the Kingdom, He will build His church.
And Jesus goes even further; “And I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven…” Hallelujah, this speaks about inheritance, He gave you access to the world He treads in; the realm where He is seated next to God the Father; His sacrifice has cleansed you; His sacrifice gave you inheritance to His Kingdom, the Kingdom where he reigns without laws and rules.
Aaaaaaand Jesus was not done, He carried on by saying…I am quoting from the Amplified Classic “…and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you lose (declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven.”
I believe this is the most misunderstood verse I have come across to date… it tells me there is a parallel to this world we tread in, it runs parallel with the Kingdom of God, heaven, the Kingdom where there is no sin, no sickness, no poverty, no pain, no guilt, no shame… it reflects what is in heaven… if it is bound in heaven it has no right in the realm we call “reality”, if it is lose in heaven it has no right to be bound in the world we call “life”… this speaks about discernment, discernment that will come by knowing what is improper and unlawful, this discernment gives authority to enforce it to be on earth as it is in heaven.

My dear friend, the light bulb moment, the A-HA moment for me was the day I realized this realm is not my world, I live in it, I tread in it… it is not mine to have or claim ownership of, I am in this world, but not of this world… The day I confessed my sin and accepted and proclaimed that Jesus Christ is my Lord, my Saviour, my King, I chose to step into His world, a world submissive to His will, a world where I freely gave up my free will, a world where He is King and reigns freely over me, a world where He is followed by true worshippers, in spirit and in truth.

There is one obstacle in this world, it is called free-will, God has given it to you, He will never remove it nor over turn it… what He really wants is for you to choose to give it up, to use the free-will towards His love, choose to give it up; give it away, give it back to Him… step willingly into His world, submit to His sovereignty… for there in lays the meaning of TRUE LIFE… the Life where He reigns, and where He reigns, He pours… you will lack absolutely nothing when seated in heavenly places.

We are not doing it for the “supply”, but because of the awe of Who He is, the One and Only living God, creator of heaven and earth, and we only experience it at His feet, in His world.

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