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I heard Him say; “My Light will be your sound”

The Holy Spirit has taught me that certain things are best unsaid, kept in silence. It’s been a week that I felt the urge to justify myself on quite a few occasions, the urge to explain my actions and choices. When you hear lies spoken about you, or things that was true in your past, of who you used to be, it was truth, but you have been transformed in areas of your broken past… “If only you knew what I have been through to change ME… but you don’t need to know, because I know, God knows, I did it for Him not for you, I did it for ME, not for you.”
I am human, trying my best to be more Spirit than flesh, it’s a journey and we learn every day.

As I got quiet before our Creator this morning… thinking of the months ahead; I am facing a “challenging” time ahead relating to my daughter and my time with her will be affected; And as humans do, we plan what to say, we plan what to do and why we chose to do things the way we chose to do it… and then at the same time trying to think like an 11 year old to have her understand why my “stubbornness” will benefit her in the long run, will it… really? Don’t say a word.

In my quiet time this morning I hear Him say;
“You do not need to say a word, My WORD in you is what justifies you. You do not need to plan; I am the plan. Have I not taught you that you only need to seek My kingdom and My righteousness? Do not get caught up with anxious thoughts, fixate your attention on Me; surrender your pride, give up your idea of happiness, because I know the thoughts I have; set your mind on things above, do not be caught up by earthly distractive thought patterns.
I am in your tomorrow setting up your today; I have been in your past, I called you out from it, did I not?

I foreknew you; I have called you, I have predestined you from the beginning to be molded into the image of My Son and share His image inwardly. I have justified you, I made you righteous; and who I justify I also glorify, I am raising you to a heavenly dignity and condition.

You do not need to say a word, My Word is all you need.
You know this; why do you doubt this? Why do chose to step out from under My presence and follow your thought patterns in which you have worked so hard on? You know, you understand, now apply it, apply My love; I have shown you love, now, go show the same love. Go and be, your silence will say more, your silence will reflect ME, My Light will be your sound.”

Romans 8:29-30

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