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In Pursuit

“We” see ourselves as death, mere mortal sinners, waiting on an end… Reality though, we are sinners in the mortal realm of life we are now experiencing… we are not mortal though.

We fear the reality of mortality, for that day we will leave behind that which we loved so much, that which kept us lying awake at night, the hours we’ve put in for fame and acceptance, the investments we made to become rich and known for our possessions; all in a split second, in a twinkling of the eye in comparison to the Truth of eternity…

We fear because we do not know… 
We do not know because we fear that which was conquered by the Way, the Truth and the Life….
We fear death because we do not know Life…
We choose fear of death over reverence in Christ Jesus, the force of His resurrection…

We calculate, we plan… we re-calculate, we go to plan B… then C, and eventually D, which might be… all for survival in human mortality, just to “live” another day… just to be noticed by another crowd of onlookers.

We will meet our Creator, God the Father, with Christ Jesus at His right-hand side…
We will lay down our crowns at Jesus’ feet, the treasures stored in heavenly places, joining all creation with hymns of “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.”

I will pursue His Kingdom on earth to get as close as possible to front row seats on that day, I do not want to be delayed through the gate, being asked for a pass in search of my name in the Book of Life… I want to be known by the heavenly beings when approaching the gate on that day…

Holy Spirit, lead our lives into a life of worship, that every breath we take be unto praise to Him who has given us that same breath, let every waking moment be in thought of Your Majesty and Glory, striving to live in awe of Your splendor, knowing we are absolutely nothing without Your Love wrapped in Grace.

For Yours is the Kingdom, Yours is the Power, Yours is the Glory… Forever and ever, Amen…

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