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I heard Him say “You are the reason”

As we approach the end of the year, the end of another tough year for most of us.
We had breakthroughs,
We had favour,
We had sorrow due loved ones leaving us behind to go meet our Creator, 
We had days of no food on the table,
We all had a season changing, trying to recover from the damage that was done over the past few years caused by COVID, and self inflicted pain.

As all year ends, I am in deep thought of what was and what is to come… Gathering information and events, filing it into pockets of the heart… Things I want keep, things I want to remove, things I want hold onto, things I want to let go of…

The past week I sense a shift in the realm we don’t see with mortal eyes, I sense a change coming, I cannot pin point it, I cannot prophecy the detail of it… But my Spirit tells to be aware and awake, if not it will pass through and might be missed. It will not be by mere chance, but by the fruit of our recent lives… Being reminded that our authority comes by obedience…

As I got quiet yesterday morning, sitting at our Father’s feet, I had the “commercial” words of “Tis the season, remember the reason” in mind, followed by silence…
I have been on a journey this year of “The Father’s heart, His character”… And in this silence I experienced, thinking to align this catch phrase to His heart, I heard Him saying;
“You are the reason, You are the reason I sent my Son,
I saw your pain,
I saw your burdens,
I saw how you were held down by shame, fear and guilt,
I saw the heaviness of the law.
You are the reason I sent my Son…
Your freedom is the reason…
Restoring you to Me, in your former glory is the reason.
My love for you is the reason.”

My dear friend, if we could grasp the depth of His love, and truly understand the reason this place we call earth will be a different place.
As we celebrate this season, the coming of our Savior, Lord Jesus… Take a minute or 2 to think of this reason, think about His love for you… You are the reason…

Be blessed, be safe…

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