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The God of “Let there Be…”

Every now and then I am led back to some of the previous blogs I wrote… and praise God, He leads me to what I need at that point in time.
Tonight I was listening to a online service on YouTube (I usually listen to “Jesus Image”, not really listening, just background music, their worship is sooo anointed) while I was chatting to a friend on WhatsApp, I sent her one of my previous blogs to explain my understanding on something we spoke about, I read it myself again… “My light will be your sound”, and with perfect timing, at that very moment the service I was watching became silent as a congregation, as if God entered the room at that point in time, and exactly so in my living room, I could sense God’s presence; I dropped everything to pay attention to Him…

I started off with a prayer of adoration and welcoming Him, but my words fell short as I heard “sometimes things are best unsaid, your silence is prayer too”, I went on my knees in silence, not saying a word, clearing my mind of whatever kept it occupied and focusing on Him… God knows what my prayer was for the last few days, He knows my plea, He knows what triggers anxiety, He knows I try my best to trample the anxiousness with prayer, even if only a silent whisper in tongues… I didn’t need to say anything at that point in time, just savor His presence.

As I sat in silence, I heard Him say…
I am the God of “LET THERE BE…!!!!”
I am the God of “AND HE CREATED…!!!”
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…
I am that ONE, that same God of Moses, the “I am, Who I am… The same, The Great I am”,
I am the God that planted the Seed of my Son; it may have appeared to you that His lineage was safe guarded for 4000 years on your watch, but He is the spear I have casted at a rapid speed on my watch, with all My force, to that day of His death, piercing death’s heart, slaughtering it once and for all through Jesus’ death and resurrection, I am that same God…
I am the God that saves you, always have, always will.
You sing Me praises of “The God of the Impossible, the Creator of Heaven and Earth…”
You worship Me for My Majestic reign…
Now believe Me when I say, DO NOT FEAR, FOR I AM WITH YOU!!! Be of good cheer, for I am your God and you are My people… Let Me be Me, allow Me to be Me; loosen your grip, let it all go and you will see My mighty hand at work. Let your believe turn into a belief, not because of what My hand can do, but because of what My heart wants to do.
You say you fear Me in reverence, but you fear another “god”, you allow another god to lead you to anxiety, having your mind occupied with thoughts outside of My Kingdom. I have told you to set you mind on things above, now set it on things above where Christ is seated.
I am the God of “Let there Be, the same God that said Be fruitful, multiply and have dominion, the same God that gave you authority to call any high thought that raises itself against the true knowledge of Me into obedience through Jesus Christ that strengthens you.
I am that God, the God of Let there be… Peace; Let there be… Patience, Let there be… Kindness; Let there be… Goodness; Let there be… Self-control… because against such there is now law.
Be grounded in Love that you may comprehend what is the width and length and height and depth, and to know Christ’s love which transcends all human understanding and you will be filled with all the fullness of Me; and where I am, where My fullness reigns there will be no fear of any other god…
Step into the Light, darkness cannot comprehend My Light…
I am the God that said “Let there be…and there was and still is” and you won’t allow Me to Be to you whatever you need? I have created by a spoken word. Why won’t You believe Me? You have belief in Me, your Creator?
I am the God of “Let there be…” now, Let Me be… Let ME be your God. Let Me meet your every need.”

Do not be weighed down by the worries of this world, the Creator of heaven and earth, the Creator of you is longing for your call, He is longing for you to seek Him, He is calling you to enter His world.

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