You are expectant, right?

A clear topic that has come up in my spirit and thought in the last week, over and over and over again; “BE EXPECTANT!!!” My understanding of being expectant is not a pleasant experience, especially if I had to put it into context of the last 2 years. I have built a shield around myself […]

If God is for us…

I grew up in the 1980‘s – 1990’s, in Boksburg, a suburb just outside of Johannesburg, in South Africa. I was fortunate to be raised by God-fearing parents. Even though my younger brother and I were very naughty through our teens and early twenties, God was always in awareness, never the center of our being, […]

Unfamiliar places

I love road trips, I generally enjoy driving around in areas that is not in my neighborhood… I will very seldom say no if you ask me to drive somewhere outside of my daily routine of driving. I agreed to help a friend to collect a shipment expected from China a few months back in […]

2020… The year of attending to cracks

I recently went to the Natal south coast (in South Africa) for a quick break, the intent was to reflect on 2020, and to seek and align my mind with God’s vision for 2021. I have huge excitement and expectations for the year to come, there are new ventures on the horizon, this after a […]

What did 2020 bring to you?

Sitting and reflecting over 2020, a typical Old Testament fable. It would be amongst stories such as Noah and the flood, The Tower of Babel, The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Moses’ plagues and his wandering in the desert, Jezebel’s hunt of God’s prophets… A year that saw a plague, a year with tests and […]

Can you smell it…?

I live in Benoni, a suburb just outside of Johannesburg in South Africa. We are in the middle of Spring, with the blossoms already turning into fruit. We are experiencing heatwaves of temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius, it is very early for such temperatures, and we are still waiting for proper rain. We usually have […]

#ItsNotAboutUs – Crumb 5 – “Seek thy first…”

A few questions I asked myself and some friends over the last week… Do we get familiar with God’s presence? Is knowing He is around enough? How much time with God is enough time? What is the quality of this time? I have a friend that keeps telling me to not let the hunger dry […]

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I have a confession to make…

It’s been a month since my last blog post… I was busy with a series of blogs about #ItsNotAboutUs… I was at the point of “If it’s not about us, then who or what is it about?” During this period of almost 4 weeks I was knocked off my chair. The very thing I tried […]

Correct that posture

I started working out a few weeks back, I did previously, but I have never been as determined and committed as I am now, mainly thanks to my gym partner and friend. I am being stretched out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I got a revelation this morning during a text conversation […]

How desperate are you?

Another weekend of conversations with friends, late into the hours of the following morning… Spirit led, in the presence of God the Father… I had 2 such evenings over the weekend, about topics that is most definitely worth a share. Some food for thought and meditation for the week. I am sitting at a cross […]

#ItsNotAboutUs – Crumb 4 – Stop Doing

In Crumb 2 I explained about what I experience as Silent Battles, one of these battles were to “Let Go.” It is not as much a battle against the enemy, rather a battle against ourselves. It was probably the main battle I was fighting. Seeing a once “perfect” life slipping away, a life that lacked […]

What if that blessing you saw as protection was a missed opportunity?

Lately I am having regular late night chats with a close friend of mine. Conversations about past and present experiences, which usually leads to Spiritual discussions. We know each other for more than 30 years, but we didn’t have much contact most of our adult years. Friday night was one of those nights, sharing past […]

#ItsNotAboutUs – Crumb 3 – Missing Pieces

In November 2018 I went to Saudi Arabia for a 2-year contract with automatic renewal. In August 2019 my life took a turn (Crumb 2). I returned to South Africa to gather the pieces. Jeremiah 29:13-14, amongst other confirmations from the Holy Spirit, got me to the point of returning to South Africa. It was […]

Do I love my neighbour?

A thought over the past 2 days on a topic that came up on 3 occasions, from 2 different friends, and 1 from a blog I read. Interrupting the flow of #ItsNotAboutUs, but I think at the end of it, it will fit into the flow…   ‘You must love your friend in the same […]

#ItsNotAboutUs – Crumb 2 – Silent Battles

My life shattered into pieces exactly a year ago, August 2019. Dreams were destroyed, plans were squashed, life as I knew it was ripped out under my feet. I fought and I gave up, I got back up, fought again and gave up again, repeatedly… God entered my life without an invitation (God doesn’t need […]

#ItsNotAboutUs – Crumb 1 – In the Beginning

In the beginning God created heaven and earth. God then created man, in His own image, to rule over earth and every living creature in it. (Gen 1) Man did not resist the devil and it’s own desires. Man died to sin and lost dominion over creation. God brought the law to correct Man’s way, […]

When God is late…

In Acts 1 Jesus commanded the Apostles to wait on the Holy Spirit, they asked Jesus if this will be the time that He will restore His Kingdom to Israel and he answered “It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.” Isaiah […]

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