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“Lord, show me”

With a silent and shy whisper… “Lord, show me, show me Your way.”God, as gentle as He is, starts pointing out the bruises, the areas we got hurt. He gently touches the wounds… “There, My child, that is where your healing is.” Tears running down the cheeks… “Thank you, Father” And again, we ask “Lord, […]

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Be Carriers… of His Presence.

My last few weeks of meditation was mostly about the fear of God… “Choose your fear”; it is a topic that comes up quite often in my devoted time, do we really and deeply understand what this is all about? It’s not a trembling fear, but rather a fear of reverence and awe found in […]

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🔥Fan the Flame – Day 6🔥

🔥 Removal of False idols 🔥 Something that can creep up on us and captivate our thoughts and lead us astray, idolatry. God is a jealous God, and He wants a relationship with us; an intimate relationship that will give Him the attention that He deserves, He sent His only begotten Son to become the […]