2020… The year of attending to cracks

I recently went to the Natal south coast (in South Africa) for a quick break, the intent was to reflect on 2020, and to seek and align my mind with God’s vision for 2021. I have huge excitement and expectations for the year to come, there are new ventures on the horizon, this after a […]

Disruptor God's in Control

What did 2020 bring to you?

Sitting and reflecting over 2020, a typical Old Testament fable. It would be amongst stories such as Noah and the flood, The Tower of Babel, The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Moses’ plagues and his wandering in the desert, Jezebel’s hunt of God’s prophets… A year that saw a plague, a year with tests and […]

It's Not About Us

#ItsNotAboutUs – Crumb 2 – Silent Battles

My life shattered into pieces exactly a year ago, August 2019. Dreams were destroyed, plans were squashed, life as I knew it was ripped out under my feet. I fought and I gave up, I got back up, fought again and gave up again, repeatedly… God entered my life without an invitation (God doesn’t need […]