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Wholeness in His Holiness

After 4 nights of being busy writing another post, sort of a “mandated” post, a penny dropped on the 5th night.
I had a discussion with a dear friend of mine last week, I told him about a prophecy I received at the end of last year… I will not go into the detail of it here, but this friend, a brother that lives a life at Jesus’ feet, suggested that my next post should be about healing… I sat 4 nights, late every night and with very little sleep, writing of where I came from, I have been healed from my recent past and intended on giving a “5-step process” to the wholeness I found in Christ; this made me go back into my recent past to share my brokenness, what exactly I have gone through in the last 3 years; not as much about my life before the divorce but the low blows and punches I have taken from 2019, the humiliation, the rejection, the disappointment, the lies, the sorrow, the insomnia, the anxiety attacks, the 20kg of weight that I have lost; all of this summed up in a thousand words, trying to explain the hurt… and then to explain how God used His beautiful love to pull me out of that.

Will we ever be fully healed from past events? Will it torment us until the day we meet our Creator face to face? To be honest, me revisiting these events in thought, trying to recall the detail of the cause and effect it had on me, had me a bit down this week, although I am free from it and have no reason to walk away from His love, but surely some sorrow was relived this week.

Then I remembered… I remembered where I came from. I read a few of my previous posts and blogs, and it reminded me… it stirred up the Spirit in me.
One of the posts I read was Can you smell it…? , this was in a time I had nothing and I fully depended on God for food on the table… this made me think of a revelation I had around the same time… “Breakthrough into favor; Breakthrough is an event, Favor is a Place.”
We all get to a stage of living from one miracle to another miracle, from one moment of encounter to the next moment of encounter… but breaking through into a place of being in favor changes everything, favor which is found in His presence, at His feet… favor is found in the place where He is who He is; The Great I AM!!!

Thinking of the deepness of this place; I often refer to “Our Composition; as created in His image; being Sprit, Soul and Flesh.” Just a foot note; flesh was never intended to be “bad.”
When I long for His presence but are distracted by whatever it may be, I use this “composition” to get close to my Creator; I start by THANKING God for what I have, this is at a level of flesh, Him supplying all that I need in the physical realm to survive; my health, a stable job, a house with a warm bed, clothes, food, a car; family, friends; I thank Him for everything I have, until I cannot think of anything else.
The gratitude I have for His supply then takes me a bit deeper and I start PRAISING Him for what He has done for me, this is at a level of the soul, Praising Jesus for the price He paid, praising Him for what His sacrifice brought to me; Praising the Holy Spirit for the effects His presence have in my life; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, self-control, because against such there is no law and the physical realm should not be able to influence it; What brings you joy? Possessions? That is not the joy I refer to… nor should any external forces be a gauge of emotional wellness.
Then, when my mouth runs dry of praise, when I am at a state of WHOLENESS, because I lack nothing physically due to His ongoing supply, I am emotionally whole by His unmerited love, grace and favor, my praise turns into WORSHIP, worshipping Him for Who He is, this is at a level of the Spirit; the revelation and awareness of His Majesty, not because of what I have or what He has done for me, but because of the personal experience of Who He is in all His majesty, no bells and whistles, no breakthroughs, no miracles, nothing comes close to His majesty, or could ever compare to His might and power… this have me stepping into a place where I find myself whole and complete because of Who He is, it is a place found deep in His heart, a place of favor where no miracles are needed, there is no need, there is no demand, it is worship from a position of wholeness found in Him and Him only; and He supplies this same wholeness with His holiness… the prayer changes from what I want to only worshipping Him for who He is, the needful prayer changes into awe and worship because I lack nothing due to the sufficiency of His love, every thought is in the Spirit towards our God, our Father, our Redeemer, His beauty, His glory, His splendor.
And herein lays my healing, this is where I get healed… It is not a breakthrough event which I run back to for an experience, it is not an encounter every now and then that I long for… I find my wholeness in His Holiness.

But for a moment; I often do this to step into His presence, to get as close as possible to His heart… at times it may take an hour or 2 to get there, to get ALL distractions out the way, this is the best place to be, to lean against His chest and hear His “heart beat”, Him breathing over me. It is moments like these when I am on top of the world, and nothing but nothing can touch me, nothing in any realm that I have my feet in can come close to me when I am this close to my Father.

But why only for a moment? Why must I live from encounter to encounter? I want this every single second of every single day… I came to the realization that the above-mentioned pursuit towards His presence is a snapshot of LIFE, a blink of an eye in our journey towards maturity, moving from Glory to Glory; the livelong journey towards His likeness. As with unveiled faces, because we continue to behold in the Word of God as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are constantly being transfigured into His very own image in ever increasing splendor and from one degree of glory to another. (2 Corinthians 3:18)

We ASK for breakthroughs; the breakthrough He gives us is the answer we’ve been praying for, what we have asked for… I see it as us asking God to prove to us that He can do what His Word say He can do, and when He does, we are in awe; “Wow, can you believe it, God met my need, He answered my prayer.” And He will do it over and over and over, because God will liberally supply, fill to the full, your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)
Does this grow your faith? Does it create a desire to seek Him in all His fullness, to fulfill our wholeness in more than just our daily needs, but also in soul and spirit? Or do we get stuck and live from miracle to miracle… one prayer barely gets answered when the next request on the list is being brought up. It should grow your faith, and in more than just believing, but as a being.

As our faith and assurance in Him grow, The SEEKING for the depth of His majesty starts, “WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE!!!!” He starts revealing His character to us, as He searches our hearts He touches areas of pain, shame, fear and guilt; gently pointing out areas that keep us from the wholeness found in Him. He starts healing us from the inside out… Then you will seek Him, inquire for, and require Him as a vital necessity and find Him when you search for Him with all your heart. He will be found by you and He will release you and bring you back from the places you were driven to. (Jeremiah 29:12-14)

Soon you will come to the realization of the lies you lived in as you get a glimpse of your true identity in Christ and His love. As we start healing emotionally and start walking towards the wholeness, which can only be found in His Holiness, we stand in front of His Kingdom in all its majesty, we start KNOCKING to gain entrance in to His realm of favour; we’ve gone through a cleansing process and our thought patterns has changed, we see life from a different angle due to being raised with Christ to a new life, sharing His resurrection from the dead, and we aim at and seek the rich, eternal treasures that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. We set our minds and keep them set on what is above, the higher things, not on the things that are on the earth. (Colossians 3:1-3)
Life changes as we start seeing life through His eye. And Jesus will build His church on this, on the revelation and understanding of Who He is and the gates of hell will not prevail against it; He will give you the keys to His Kingdom, and with it you will have the authority to bind what’s bound and loosen what is lose, on earth as it is in heaven. (Matthew 16:18-19)

And herein lays my healing, this is where I get healed… I find my wholeness in His Holiness. Things CANNOT NOT change in the presence of the Almighty!!!
Our wholeness (in body, soul and spirit) is found in His holiness, no force outside of heaven can stand against it, step into His world, it is as much here and now as ever before. He longs to have you whole, He longs for worship from a position of wholeness, on all levels; spirit, soul and flesh

I pray Ephesians 1 over you, I bless you, the reader of this post, with His peace and favor found in His love for you… step into it.

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